Price Examples

All the prices are examples, not real quotes. To get an accurate price fill out our form at the bottom of the page.
  • tailor made tech packs at good prices


    If you send us all technical informaion about the style and materials plus detailed pictures/drawings of the style, we will fill out the tech packs and create all the technical drawings plus measurement charts (minus the measurements) needed for production.

    Price examples:

    -T-shirt tech pack: €89

    -Dress tech pack: €199

    -Jacket tech pack: €289

    More than 5 tech packs at once: 5% discount

    More than 10 tech packs at once: 10% discount

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly materials and trim for your fashion brand


    For us to source the most accurate fabric for you, we need as many details as you can give us, ie. composition, weight, use, weave, refferences, colours, MOQ, special features ect.

    We will then find 3-5 digital sample options for you, that you can order as physical samples if you wish.

    Price expamples:

    -Per fabric or trim: €79

    -Per additional colour: €39

    More than 5 materials at once: 5% discount

    More than 10 materials at once: 10% discount

  • Digital sustainable pattern making prices


    For the best prices on pattern making we need a proffesional tech pack, filled out with flat drawings, detail drawings and notes and a measurement chart plus size spec.

    All quotes include: digital pattern, a digital prototype plus a physical prototype in toile in one size, with one round of corrections (materials included).

    Price examples:

    -T-shirt pattern: €89

    -Dress pattern: €139

    -Jacket pattern: €219

    Grading of pattern: €15 pr. size €45 for a 5 size set.

    Print of pattern: €15 pr. size

  • How much does it cost to make clothes samples


    To make production and photo ready samples, we need a professionally filled out tech packs and a production ready patterns plus all materials and trim.

    Price examples:

    -T-shirt: €49

    -Dress: €99

    -Jacket: €169

    For two sets of the same sample at once: 25% off the price of the second.

    Pack shots:

    If you want us to take pack shots of the samples before us sending them back:

    -Front + back packshot: €99

    -3D packshot: €149

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