Prefered fiber strategy

If you want to reach your goals in terms of the materials you use, this will help you from start to end with reaching your goals. Let us together turn your products more sustainable by implementing preferred fibers.


Before we begin the project we analyse your current materials library. This includes all textiles and trims, both looking at the composition, manufacturing and logistics. We also get a sense of the types of materials that fits your design aesthetics and the garments you create, to understand what priorities are important for your brand. Lastly we look at the price points of your current materials to determine the next step

Included services:
-analysis of current materials library
-statistics of conventional vs. preferred fibers
-overview of materials aesthetics


Collaborative strategising 

When the analysis phase is over we will collaborate to create a strategy for how to turn your materials library into majority preferred fibers. In this process we will create tangible charts mapping out the preferred fibers you want to implement, with deadlines for when the desired percentage should be achieved.

Included services:
-determine your end goals
-customise a long term plan for turning your materials library into majority preferred fibers
-create charts of the distribution of preferred fibers-a map of replacements for current conventional fibers



At this stage we will start implementing the new materials strategy into your design process, matching your designs to preferred fibers and picking out materials for your collection. Here we will also start building a list of suppliers for sourcing the preferred fibers, and creating a contact list, to reach out and gather samples and price lists. We can also help you go through a budget for implementation, and calculate any price changes. Lastly in this phase we will start working on how to educate your customers about the changes and importance of this new implementation. 

Included services:
-a detailed work back plan with weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks-a list of potential suppliers and contacts
-break down of budget and cost changes
-educational marketing and communication for customers



For this stage we will start contacting the suppliers and place orders for your samples and collection. We will plan the logistic for where the sample materials and production order will go. In the end we will write educational text and visual communication for the collection, to incorporate into your marketing and launch of the collection. 

Included services:
-placing orders for materials
-arranging logistics for sampling and production
-create education text and visual communication for your marketing


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