Conscious Collab was founded in 2023 by mother - daughter team Maud and Helena


Conscious Collab was founded in 2022 by the mother-daughter duo Maud and Helena Bodholdt.

Working out of both Copenhagen and Barcelona we cover the European market in person and work worldwide remotely.

Conscious Collab’s vision is to make sustainability the easiest option for brands and consumers. Our core values are sustainability, equality and community. 
Together and with the right attitude we are convinced that we can change the industry for the better, and create a new blueprint for fashion. 

  • About Helena

    Her journey starts with a degree in garment technology/tailor from Cph West, her own clothing brand with 4 small but colorful collections, and a BA in Fashion Management and Sustainable Fashion Tech from KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology)

    She has an understanding of what it takes to work with creative problem solving. From her current and previous addresses in both Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Barcelona—all of which have helped shape her into a high performing person, who seeks out partnerships and makes work fun for herself and others.

    Helena has worked with some amazing employers and companies, including Malene Malling at La Bagatelle; Mark Kenly Domino Tan Fashion Society; Alzang Store; AVDG Creative Studio; and many more.

  • About Maud

    Maus comes with 15 years of experience from an international retailer, working in HR functions primarily within leadership training and project management. Furthermore she has spent a decade as an expat spouse and mom.

    With a background in French language, culture, and literature, as well as a Master's degree in International Business Communication, Maud brings a unique perspective to her work. Having lived in Denmark, France, Norway, and USA, she has a deep understanding of the importance of effective communication and patience when working across cultures.

    Maud brings a passion and a focus on achieving goals to every project. Now, as the internal force behind Conscious Collab, she is committed to helping businesses make a positive impact on the world.