CLO 3D training

Virtual prototyping is becoming more and more convenient in terms of time, creativity and money. If you want to start your journey to make virtual prototypes and samples, this CLO3D training will take you through all the stages. 

2D Patterns

We start in the 2D window, learning how to construct patterns from scratch or modify them from existing patterns. We go through all the necessary tools to draft patterns even better and faster than on paper. Lastly we will go through the basic sewing tools, that are needed before working in the 3D window. Once you become familiar with the basics we will create patterns from your designs, so you can see your virtual prototypes come to life.

-draft 2D pattern from scratch
-modify existing 2D pattern
-basic sewing tools
-how to import, export and save patterns -step-by-step drafting of your designs


3D Sewing 

After we completing our patterns we will start sewing your patterns in the 3D window. To start with you will get an introduction in how the avatar works in terms of aesthetics, pose, size and accessories. Then we will discover multiple ways to place the pattern pieces on the avatar to prepare the smoothest simulation. Most importantly in this stage we will learn how to perform quality tests, to make sure your pattern has the best possible fit. 

-avatar customisation
-preparing pattern for simulation
-simulating your virtual prototypes
-quality control on fit



Here you discover how easy grading is in the 2D window and the 3D window, to test your size range easily on different avatars. We will learn a few techniques on how to grade the pattern pieces, and after we create the desired size range we go through how to test the fit on multiple body sizes. After this step we will also go through fabric consumption, to accurately calculate the needed amount for either sampling or production.  

-quick 2D grading
-3D testing on full size range
-quality control of grading
-fabric consumption calculation



To create the most beautiful virtual prototypes we will go through the different textiles, buttons, top stitches, and any other details needed to make your garment look as realistic as possible. We also go through the settings of textures, thickness, weight and gravity, to mimic your fabrics as closely as possible. Lastly we will customise the environment, such as the light settings, the background and any other wanted factors. Lastly we add poses or movement to the avatar to take pictures or video rendering. 

-adding the materials properties
-adding the environmental properties
-setting up avatar for photos
-taking pictures and video rendering in high quality.
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