Small team - big impact

Even small brands can have a big impact on turning the fashion industry into a more conscious place. Together we can make it the new norm to act sustainably, both for our customers, collaborators and competitors. A small business is more agile and can turn their model around a lot quicker than a big company, therefore now is the time to act.

In this collaborative project we will go through your current model and set up goals for being a more sustainable and conscious brand. Then we will work together to strategize and implement the goals, in clear and concise action points and deadlines. 

Any dreams you have, we will work with, it is 100% up to you which direction you want to take this project as it is tailor made for your specific goals. We work with any step of the supply chain, from design, to sourcing, to sampling, to manufacturing, to packaging ect. 

This project can take us anywhere, as we work with creative problem solving, we will first identify the problems you would like to fix, and then come up with conscious and sustainable solutions.

Possible services included:

  • Circular design thinking: create a circular model for you business and your design process
  • Sustainable sourcing: go from conventional fibers to prefered fibers.
  • Tailor made short and long term sustainable strategies
  • Consumer loyalty and how to avoid greenwashing
  • Holistic analysis on work environment
  • Consumer education
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We would love to hear your ideas and needs, Book a free consultation of 30 min and we can talk about how we can help you. The consultation is to see if we are a good match, it is totally non commital.

The more specific you can be with the information the more you will get out of the free meeting.