We have spent years identifying the pain points of sustainable fashion production, and now proudly offer high quality garments & affordable prices. Whether you are starting a new brand or part of an existing team, we are here to help you in any part of the supply chain.

Low Quantity Production

We know that one of the most important things for a sustainable fashion brand is flexible and small productions. That's why we have no minimum order amount (MOQ) and can work flexibly for on-demand custom garment production. You shouldn't need to worry about excess stock, only produce what you need!

Quality pattern making - digital and physical - good prices

High Quality Garments

Finding quality manufactures for low MOQ's can be very difficult and time consuming. Working with us saves you the hassle of finding, testing and communicating with manufactures.
We are on-site at our select factories ensuring quality control and production management so all your deadlines are met.

Fully customisable service

We support fashion start-ups, small fashion brands, SME's and fashion enterprises who want to create fashion in a more responsible way.
That's why we fully adapt to your needs anywhere in the supply chain. Whether you just need a helping hand for your existing team or need a full package service, we are here to help you.

you pick and choose only the services you need


Start-up fashion brand

Start your own fashion brand with no technical experience

Embark on an exciting journey to create your own fashion brand from scratch, guided by Conscious Collab. As champions of sustainability, quality, and collaboration, we are dedicated to supporting small to medium fashion brands seeking ethical production solutions.

How We Bring Your Vision to Life

1. Share your concept

Share your concept and design ideas with us, providing as many details as possible. Let us understand your goals and aspirations, including the what, when, and how of achieving them. It's essential for us to have a comprehensive understanding of your vision to bring it to fruition.

1.2 Personalize Your Services

Decide which aspects of the fashion production process you want to handle yourself and where you want us to step in with our expertise. To produce your designs, we require a tech pack, pattern with grading, and the desired materials. However, if you're unfamiliar with these technicalities, don't worry - we can handle them for you.

2. Crafting Your Quote

Once we receive all the necessary information, including your desired quantity (which can be as little as you desire, as we have no minimum order quantity) we will calculate a comprehensive quote detailing the sample and production prices. Our transparent pricing approach ensures that you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your fashion venture.

3. Sample Creation and Design Approval

After you've finalized your designs and accepted the quote, we begin the sample creation process. This vital step allows us to ensure the quality, fit, and overall style align with your vision. Additionally, this sample serves as an opportunity for you to capture captivating content and images for your ecommerce and marketing needs.

4. Final Production, Quality Control, and Logistics

Once you've given us your seal of approval on the samples, we seamlessly transition into final production. Sit back and relax, knowing that we handle all aspects of quality control and logistics. Our team ensures that every garment meets our standards, before being delivered to you.

Responsible clothing production

Do you find the thought of getting your clothing line manufactured in a sustainable way overwhelming? We're here to exclusively help small to medium brands, with close communication, so you feel in control the whole way, whilst being able to lean back and let us take care of the supply chain.
No matter the designs or quantities, we can make it. We work with methods such as on-demand production with MOQ's for true to season stock. This way you can adapt your stock according to demand and save money and resources.

One of our main goals is to empower the workers making your clothes, which is why we work closely with our seamstresses, and ensure their fair pay and good working conditions. All our manufacturing happens in Catalunya, Spain, where we can be hands on at any moment.

Virtual prototyping

We have experience with both digital and physical prototyping, meaning we can combine the two methods to get the most sustainable and accurate results.

Extend your size range

Getting the right fit is not always easy, especially since ready-to-wear sizes don't tend to fit the multiple body types that exist. We've specialised in automatic and non-linear grading, for your brand to extend the size range at affordable prices. With digital testing, we can test the fit through the entire size range, making sure your clothes are as inclusive as possible.

Tech Packs on demand

If you're looking to send your styles to production, you need a full tech pack with all the information the manufacturer needs to perfectly make your designs a reality. We can create and fill out your tech packs, if you give us your designs, patterns and material info.
We also have a template you can buy and fill out yourself. Get it here.

Sustainable textile sourcing

With our broad network of textile and trim manufacturers we can find almost any material you might need for your designs. We work primarily with small to medium brands, so we specialise in small minimum order quantities. We will always recommend you sustainable solutions, which are materials seen as preferred to the konventional materials.
Founders of Conscious Collab - responsible clothing manufacturing in Europe

Who you are collaborating with?

Conscious Collab is founded by mother-daughter duo, Maud & Helena, who share a passion for improving the lives of other women and the planet impact of the fashion industry. With many years of experience, we have gathered the necessary expertise, to help you succeed.

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