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What is your MOQ?

We don't have a minimum order quantity, we can produce anything from 1 garment and up. Most commonly we work with small to medium sized brands who manufacture anything between 10-300 pcs. We usually recommend to keep order quantity lower for newer brands, as we aim for you to have little to no leftover stock, for the sake of your wallet and the environment.

How much does garment production costs?

Before we can give you a price on your project, we need to know which steps of the process you need help with. Do you have your fabrics or do you need help with sourcing? Are you going to make the patterns yourself, or do you prefer for our team to make them? We also need to see a detailed sketch, reference or tech pack for your designs, before we can give you any prices. If you are confused by the process, don't worry just reach out to us and we will guide you through the steps.

What do you do to ensure sustainable garments?

We work with many different initiatives to ensure sustainable garment production. First of all we only work with brands and schools who are dedicated to sustainability or wish to transform their practices.
As for how we work, we try to implement sustainable initiatives in every part of the supply chain such as:

-virtual prototyping
-eco-friendly or deadstock materials
-we work with a extensive pre-testing phase to ensure the first physical sample is as accurate as possible
-fair and safe production in our local community
-small production orders to reduce waste
-we perform onsite quality control to ensure the fewest amount of production errors

We also offer consulting and workshops on sustainable initiatives such as surplus production, prefered fiber library and virtual prototype trainings.

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