Inclusive size range

If you want to design and produce more consciously and at the same time include more customers in your sales, expanding your size range with quality grading and all around inclusion, is a way to improve your brands impact. 



We start with analysing the current size system; measurement charts, grading scale and method, visual inclusion throughout branding. To understand your current situation we need to analyse your sales B2C and B2B, and map out key data. We also do a quick analysis of your target customers based on your geolocations, market, price points ect. Lastly we get an overview of how adaptable the collections are in terms of sizing. 

Included services:
-analysis of brands size system incl. Measurement chart and grading
-understand brands visual size representation
-map out of key sales data
-get an overview of potential target customers
-overview of adaptable sizing in collections

Collaborative strategizing 

After the analysis phase is presented we will collaborate to create a new strategy, for how to make your size system more inclusive, and assure quality throughout the whole range. We will also plan how to incorporate sizes that are flexible to include more body types.

Included services:
-customise a long and short term plan for a more inclusive size system
-determine a new size range and develop quality control systems
-decide if and how many flexible sizing items/collections to create


At this stage we take you through the implementation process of the targets and goals set in the strategy session, with most importantly creating a work back plan, that hopefully ensures a successful completetion. Also we help collaboratively go through a budget of implementation and running costs, that fits your companys resources.

Included services:
-a detailed work back plan with weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks
-key dates for targets and goals
-break down of execution budget



The last step of the process we give you the tools to execute your new size system. Here we will collaboratively create tangible tools for your team to use in the development process. The tools are customised to the strategy we created.  

Included services:
-customised basic blocks
-customised internal and external measurement chart
-optionally technical drawings for adaptable sizing methods 


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