Inclusive sizing

The business-as-usual way of making ready-to-wear clothes is out, and one of the places we need to be more conscious is when it comes to sizing. Most brands use the same sizes; 34-42,  XS-XL, US 4-16, and automatically disregard all other sizes, and the few brands who are trying to extend their sizes, do it using the same old grading system, meaning the quality of the fit will be bad.

There are many reasons why it is time to change the old way of sizing fashion, and through this workshop you will learn about them as well as get some tools on how to design more inclusively. Depending on whether you are a school, conference or brand, the workshop will be tailored to your needs, but here is an example of what you can find in the workshop:

The history of anthropometry 

We will start with taking a quick look back at anthropometry, apparel sizing and grading, to understand what has changes and what hasn't changed in the past 100 years. You need to understand the past in order to understand the future. 

Inclusive size ranges 

Next we take a look at how and why having a larger selection of sizes is important for many brands today. We dive into which factors are important to be aware of when you include plus sizes in your size range, such as the difference between straight sizes and plus sizes, and how to create a non-linear measurement chart. 

Adjustable sizing

We explore the importance of adjustable sizing, as most bodies don't fit the standard ratio of the current size chart. Here we will look at examples of how to make designs more adjustable to include more different body types in your garments. 

Visual inclusion

Lastly we look at how a brand can be more inclusive through their visual presence, and why this is a crucial step when trying to implement inclusive sizing. We talk about how to be visually representative through e-commerce and marketing.  

During the workshop there will be exercises in between presentations, for the participants to put their new knowledge to the test, and try some design and problem solving tasks.

Conscious Collab offers consulting and workshops either in-person or remotely online, all depending on your needs. We mainly operate in Europe for on site projects, but if you are outside of Europe and interested please let us know so we can see if it fits our travel plans.


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