Surplus upcycling

A big topic today is the "end of use" phase for products, with take-back programs, resell platforms and more. But there is not so much talk about what happens to the products that were never used, the surplus stock of a brand. Learn about different design techniques on how to reuse the garments that were never sold, and turn them into new designs to give them new life.

Through this workshop we will go through different techniques and exercises, on how to upcycle surplus stock. Depending on whether you are a school, conference or brand, the workshop will be tailored to your needs, but here is an example of what you can find in the workshop:


Techniques for easy upcycling

We will go through different techniques on how to repurpose the styles you don't sell "easily" without much new design process. This includes different whole-garment dye and bleach techniques, as well as placement prints and embroidery. 

Reconstruction and redesign 

Another method to reuse deadstock styles is to completely reconstruct or redesign them. This can be anything from easy reconstructs of turning pants into shorts or complicated redesigns of using multiple styles to create one new design. 

Calculating the costs

Lastly we will go through the costs of implementing upcycling of surplus stock, and discuss where the garments will be collected from and how, where they will be redesigned and how they will be resold. 

During the workshop there will be exercises in between presentations, for the participants to put their new knowledge to the test, and try some design and problem solving tasks.

Conscious Collab offers consulting and workshops either in-person or remotely online, all depending on your needs. We mainly operate in Europe for on site projects, but if you are outside of Europe and interested please let us know so we can see if it fits our travel plans.

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