Preferred fibers

Preferred vs. conventional fibers has become a new norm when it comes to talking about how to source sustainably. It can be hard to stay constantly updated on what the latest news about which fabrics are sustainable and it is also very subjective, depending on which factors someone considers sustainable. Therefor prefered vs. conventional fibers is an easy way to dive into how to source more consciously.

Learn about prefered fibers as alternatives to conventional fibers, and why this is an important topic for reaching our climate goals, through this workshop you will learn and receive tools on how to source more consciously. Depending on whether you are a school, conference or brand, the workshop will be tailored to your needs, but here is an example of what you can find in the workshop:

Preferred vs. Conventional 

We will start with covering what the terms mean, the differences and nuances, and got through ressources on how to stay up to date and educated. Here we will also cover some different regulations and internal guidelines come fashion institutions have put in place.

Different fibers 

Then we will cover the different categories of fibers and the sustainable options to source between. We will go through the plant, synthetic, manmade cellulosic and animal fibers. 

Standards and certifications

Here we go through some of the most important standards and certifications when it comes to textile production, and how to source them. 

Strategies for conscious sourcing

Lastly we will go through some strategies for turning a collection from conventional fibers to majority preferred fibres. We will talk about substitutes of conventional materials, the turnover period, customer education, costs and more. 

During the workshop there will be exercises in between presentations, for the participants to put their new knowledge to the test, and try some design and problem solving tasks.

Conscious Collab offers consulting and workshops either in-person or remotely online, all depending on your needs. We mainly operate in Europe for on site projects, but if you are outside of Europe and interested please let us know so we can see if it fits our travel plans.

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